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Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Parts Co. Ltd.

● Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Auto Parts Co., Ltd., jointly invested by the Japanese Isuzu Motor Corporation and Qingling motor (Group) Co., Ltd., in July 2012 formation. The capital of $240 million, which accounted for 51% of Isuzu Motor Corporation, Qingling automobile (Group) company accounted for 49%.
● The company introduced advanced equipment in Japan, built machines, heat treatment, assembly, testing and other types of production line 9; heavy-duty truck engine comprehensive production capacity of 30 thousand units /2;
● Company mainly produces Isuzu 6U/6W for heavy duty engine assembly and engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, cam shaft and other key parts and components, and associated with the development of the company in response to user needs to develop products.
● Our comprehensive import Japan Isuzu Motor IMM management mode, in the management of product quality, adhere to the "not out of substandard goods, not the production of substandard products, can not produce a substandard goods ladder management mode, for the user to provide reliable products. In full support of the company and Qingling Isuzu, Isuzu overseas construction has become a model plant
● Company's products for the domestic and international two high-end market. The domestic market, mainly to the Qingling Group to provide high-quality heavy-duty engines and parts, and also provide products to other users of the engine. The international market, through the Isuzu global procurement and supply system, Isuzu of Japan and other countries overseas users to provide including engines, all kinds of auto parts.
● In the development of the company, we always to to provide users with reliable products as the goal, with enterprising spirit, and constantly improve the creativity of the fine style of work, to the customer to provide low fuel consumption, low price, high-quality, the most advanced and environmentally friendly engine and its parts.

development history

● In 2011 September the company. Isuzu Motor Ltd Qingling heavy trucks and heavy duty engine project contract
● 2012 July. Isuzu Motor Ltd Qingling Corporation signed a joint venture contract and articles of Association
● In 2012 July, Isuzu Qingling (Chongqing) Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited was established, obtaining a business license
● February 2013 plant construction foundation
● July 2013 to Japan to carry out pre acceptance of imported equipment
● Plant construction completed in October 2013
● In October 2013 the first batch of equipment arrived, began to install and debug
● March 2014, the first 6U heavy duty engine off the assembly line
● September 2014 first equipped with domestic 6U engine VC46 heavy car off the assembly line
● Starting in September 2014

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