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● Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd is established by Qingling Motors Co., Ltd. and Japan Isuzu Automobile Co., Ltd., Sino Japanese joint venture enterprises. The company was founded in 2007, the registered capital of 84 million 260 thousand U.S. dollars, the shareholders of both sides of the 50% shares of the shares.
● The predecessor of the company is issued by the Limited by Share Ltd Qingling automobile engine plant, founded in 1993. The company has become the core backbone enterprises qingling. Covers an area of about 120 thousand square meters, of which plant area of about 60 thousand square meters.
● Company to introduce Japan, Britain, the United States and other developed countries advanced equipment more than 500 sets, built 19 machine production line and five assembly and testing line. Production and marketing of specialized high-tech, high-quality Isuzu diesel and gasoline engine assembly and cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, cam shaft, machine core parts. Engine assembly mainly including 4J, 4K, 4Z, 4H, 6H, 6U and other 6 series of car engines and 4J series of non road engines.
● Company rolling imported Isuzu new products, manufacturing, technology and management technology, has a production of nearly 100 million Isuzu engine manufacturing experience and technical management team, has passed ISO9001, TS16949 and Isuzu project audits and other quality system certification. Company study, Isuzu quality at the reference, now property management units, two minutes to check, torque management, cutting fluid management methods of quality management, pay close attention to the standard operation, and through self, mutual inspection, online examination, inspection, etc, strict manufacturing process quality checks and control system, product in the market set a good quality reputation.
● Company's products for the international and domestic two high level market. The domestic market, mainly for Qingling produced high-quality Isuzu commercial vehicles to provide power from 95 horsepower to 380 horsepower, emissions reached national IV above the engine assembly; at the same time, also for high added value modified cars, construction machinery and provide high quality engine assembly. The international market into Isuzu global procurement system, continued to Isuzu batch export engine assembly and core machine parts.
● Companies adhere to people-centered business philosophy, continue to spend great efforts to build a set of training "dedication, sense of responsibility, and a sense of normalcy, self-motivated, self-confidence," in one of the "five staff team. Take "please come in, send out", etc. and the way, enhance theory and skills of employees, and to advocate in the practical work hard will hone, accumulation ability and to realize benign interaction between the staff personal progress and rapid development of enterprises.
● In future development, the company will always to the market as the center, to improve customer satisfaction and follow the degree as the direction, innovative thinking and methods of work, forge ahead, as a positive, promote the production and operation of enterprises constantly to step on to a new level, for employees to create a happier life, Qingling and Chongqing's economic development and make due contributions!

development history

● Engine factory started to build in 1993
● 1994-1996 4J/4K 5C engine machining, assembly and testing line put into operation
● 1998 4Z 5C engine machining line, assembly and testing line put into operation
● 2000 6H 5C engine machining line, assembly and testing line put into operation
● In 2003 to import Isuzu quality activities, and through the engineering quality evaluation, began to export
● 2005 4H engine cylinder head machining line put into operation
● In 2007 the establishment of Isuzu Engine Co. Ltd. (Chongqing)
● 2009 4H state III common rail engine production
● 2013 4J/4K/4Z/4H/6H/6U country IV engine development success
● In 2013 4K's V engine development success
● 2014 6U country IV engine production

Important activities

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