Machining line

Engine company introduced Japan, Britain, the United States and other developed countries more than 500 sets of advanced equipment, completed 19 machine production line. Auto parts company with 6C cylinder block, cylinder head and other parts of processing, heat treatment line 7, key process using the import of Japanese well-known equipment manufacturers the most advanced equipment, numerical control and intelligent.

Cylinder production line
Cylinder processing line
The cylinder head production line
Cylinder head machining line
Crankcase processing line
Crankshaft machining line

Assembly line

● Using the latest Isuzu assembly process

● By U type compact arrangement, the line and the line through the RGV automatic connection, the station can be synchronized or asynchronous transfer

● Assembly process of key processes to realize automatic pressing, automatic tightening, automatic detection

● Using RFID quality management system, tightening force, measurement data, important parts information to achieve 100% quality control

Test line

● The testing technology is mature and reliable Isuzu

● Full automatic numerical control testing system

● Real time monitoring of engine assembly performance

Engine test bench
Engine testing room
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